When setting up your Facebook page, it’s not uncommon to be tempted by the social platform’s various features to help promote your content via paid placement. Traditionally, this has been a primary way of growing your Facebook page’s audience.

However, today we’re going to flip the script and see what taking a no-budget approach to growing your Facebook reach looks like.

One of the most important and first things you should do is to develop relationships with others in your niche and experts in the field, which can provide a significant boost to your Facebook traffic.

Here are three other ways to boost your FB reach without spending a dime. One new method that is gaining in popularity is the concept of “guest curating” other company’s and individual page. Curating content for other pages is a fantastic way to network with people in your industry, while also growing your online visibility and read.

Target 5-10 Facebook pages that are successful and are in your market and offer to curate content for them once a week in exchange for credit on their page. At the end of the post, be sure to include who it was curated by and a link back to your website.

Another useful method is seeking out promotional swaps. By this we mean, first, search for and find 30 to 40 FB pages for products, services, or communities that are similar to yours. Once you’ve finalized your list, send each page an email talking about about yourself and your FB status, making sure to mention their FB page to your fans on a Facebook update if the mention yours in return.

Finally, the last tip is the trust Q& A sessions that allow your customers and fans to directly pose questions to members in your company. However, there is a unique spin on this old strategy: Consider inviting experts in your field to respond to questions on your FB page and encourage users to engage and ask questions. By doing this, they go right to the most authoritative souce and et the best information.

So before you consider sinking thousands of dollars into your FB marketing campaign, or are considering other options, try the above steps and see your page grow.